La Touche Françaiseis above all a family story. That of an inspired entrepreneur (Hervé Delattre) and a group of friends. It is the story of this same entrepreneur and a factory whose history would end or resume - depending on the situation.

La Touche Française - Sailor's jumper Admiral 

Today, La Touche Française wants to be a human-sized laboratory of ideas, based on the principle of a reasoned and therefore local production and relying on an established know-how. The 26 fairy hands that weave our jumpers are the living and happy illustration of this!
If our Pull'Ouvert is French, it is above all"François" - an expression of our name which means that we always go forward with the concern of things well done, because they are home-made, by hands that know their trade and work with a lot of love.
This "Françoise" family is the rock that holds us together and allows us to give free rein to all our desires and inspirations. As naturally as we wear a jumper.

La Touche Française - Made in bretagne



La Touche Française - KNIT IN BRITTANY!

Weaving, creation of buttons, labels, or even making the boxes and the sweets that are hidden inside... Everything is home-made:
La Touche Française was partly born from the meeting with our main supplier Roc'han Maille. Founded in 1920, this marine clothing spinning mill, now located in Rohan (Morbihan), was taken over in 2010 by Christophe, Gaëlle, Delphine and Christian - four former employees.
We immediately joined their collective adventure as well as their know-how to imagine our brand. Eight seamstresses worked in the Roc'han Maille workshops at the time; today there are twenty-six. And with each sailor jumper they make and assemble, the adventure continues...

La Touche Française - Manufacturing Marine Sweater

It is in the Somme that we found our manufacturer of buttons stamped La Touche Française : the Crépin Petit establishment installed in Bernaville since 1874.
They are manufactured in the Nord-Pas de Calais department by Coats France.
It is with the same care that we wanted to create the boxes that serve as a case for our jumpers. They are made by Cartonnages Gourio, created in 1976 by René Gourio in Pommeret (Côtes d'Armor). They are entirely recyclable: designed to size, they can be used as a 33 rpm case - or how to combine the useful with the pleasant!
As far as wool is concerned, the spinners are in Austria and Italy because that's where we found the quality we were looking for!

La Touche Francaise - Wool yarns

La Touche Franaise - Made in Brittany